What to Expect

The E91 family strives to make you feel welcome wherever you are on your faith journey. Whether you have been in church your whole life or this is the first time you have come, there is a place for you. We invite you to come experience community here at E91.


Simple & Sacred Service

E91 offers a “Simple & Sacred” worship service at 8:45 each Sunday morning.

The Simple & Sacred service elements include classic hymns and choruses accompanied by a pipe organ or other instruments. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this service includes the Lord’s Supper, special music, and the same sermon that is preached in E91’s 10:05 service. 

Contemporary Worship Experience

E91 offers a high-energy contemporary worship experience every Sunday morning at 10:05 A.M.

The contemporary service includes dynamic Christian worship songs, the Lord's Supper, and the same sermon that is preached in E91's 8:45 service.  The heartbeat of E91 worship is to help people encounter Jesus and develop an undeniably magnetic life of worship that points to Him in every way.

Relevant Messages

At E91 you will experience messages that bring Scripture to life with practical application points that challenge you to take the next step in your faith journey. 

Watch or Listen to a Recent Sermon

E91 KIDS and Students

We offer dynamic programming for both children and students during the 10:05 hour. Children of all ages are introduced to God in their age-appropriate environments where they worship in services designed just for them.