Fall Totes Food Drive

Fall Totes Food Drive

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Friday, September 29, 2017

Join us in impacting the lives of students at Shepherd Community Center. 80% of students in our neighborhood depend on school for healthy meals every day. When school is out, these students do not have reliable access to healthy meals. The tote that you have helped assemble will make sure that one student has three healthy meals each day of the 2-week break! Below is a suggested list of foods. These foods are not the only options but merely suggestions and examples of the types of items we would like to find in these totes. The list below represents foods that can be easily prepared by children who are home alone. It is best to avoid foods that need a lot of preparation. For example, if a second-grade student is at home alone, most parents would not want that student to have to use a can opener and the stove to eat. Food that is microwavable with an easy open lid is a much better option. Not all foods can fit into this category, so there is a little bit of a mix, but the ease of preparation is a key factor when deciding what foods to put in the totes. We try to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for each day of break. Please also try to find the low sodium and low sugar options as much as possible to provide the healthiest options. (Note: The prices provided are based on items found at Wal-mart stores)


Sort and Assemble Totes

Hand out Totes at Shepherd


The deadline for final drop off is SEPTEMBER 25TH

Please drop off items with the tote bag at the IMPACT Drop Off Location

You are welcome to shop for any items off this list and bring them. Buying all items on the list will feed one student during Fall Break.


14 Breakfast Items
Small packages of add-water pancake mix ($1-$3/Per)
Instant Oatmeal ($1.54/Box of 10)
Instant Cream of Wheat (3.48/Box of 12)
Individual Cereal Packs ($2.98/8 pack)

28 Easy-Fix Lunch and Dinner Items
Campbells Soup On The Go ($1.59/Per)
Chef Boyardee Microwave Meals ($.98/Per)
Rice a Roni Single Serve Cups ($.82/Per)
Idahoan Microwave Potatoes Single Serve Cups ($1/Per)
Sam’s Choice Pasta Microwave SIngles ($1/Per)
Prego Ready Meals ($1.94/Per)
Starkist Tuna Creations ($1/Per)
Mac and Cheese Single Serve Cups ($3.48/ 4 Pack)

8-10 Snack Items
Animal Crackers ($1.98/8 oz. Bag)
Veggie Chips ($3.98/box of 6 1oz. bags)
Unsalted/unflavored popcorn ($3.98/12 pack)
Dried Fruit (banana chips, apricots, cranberries, etc…) ($1.23 and up/Per Container)
Granola Bars ($2.88/Box of 12 OR $1.46/Box of 6)
Peanut Butter Crackers ($2.48/12)

8-10 Drink Items
Juice Boxes ($2.78/8 Pack)
Shelf Stable Milk - Single Serve Cartons ($6.42/6 pack)

6-8 Add-On Items
Fruit Cups (1.74/4 Pack)
Sugar-Free Jello Cups ($1/ 4 Pack)
Sugar-Free Pudding Cups ($1/ 4 Pack)

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