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Seasons Change, We Change

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Ah, Spring is such an interesting season. It’s like the weather is too afraid to commit to summer, but wants to let go of the winter. This inconsistency leads to a tumultuous season of rain and sunshine, which I see this a lot in my own life this time of the year. As a student, I have seen a lot of changes and I am entering into another season of change as I finish my senior year. From an change of friend groups to financial situations and family, just to name a few, the challenge ahead of me is not an easy one. Change is an inevitable part of life and depending on our approach to it, we can either persevere or we can become quickly overwhelmed.

Through my past and currently, I’ve found through my journey in faith that having an anchor in Christ through change is vital to keeping a kingdom perspective on my situation. A verse I continually fall back onto is Isaiah 43:19 and it says, “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Such a powerful verse! I love that God’s character does not change, but consistently brings peace and restoration through change. God provides so much for us and He knows the path laid out in front of you, even when we don’t! Even when the pathway seems difficult and the odds are stacked against you, keep following God. He has already begun something new and He will navigate you through this season.

I encourage you to keep this perspective through whatever change you are going through this Easter season. If you need help walking through changes in your life, we would love to be part of your journey and schedule a counseling appointment with you at www.east91st.org or by calling 317-598-1580.

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Heart Change in Cambodia

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These first five days in Cambodia have been a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. It has been a journey that I will never forget. Whether it's a smile from a child or seeing the slums where families temporarily live, I have felt God move in my heart  like never before. 

I have visited parts of Cambodia that are beyond my wildest dreams, both in their size and beauty. As incredible as those places are, they are few and far between. Most of what I have witnessed on this trip has been the exact opposite of beauty. The conditions that people live in here are so heartbreaking and devastating. I have seen homes made of materials that a soft breeze could knock down as well as people walking around barefoot in the streets, littered with all kinds of waste. I have even watched as multiple people riding on a one motorbike attempt to navigate through horrible street conditions.

Through all this, I have felt God teach me humility and gratitude. I have never been more thankful for all the blessings I have received from living in America. This experience has taught me that being born a female in extreme poverty in Cambodia puts you at an extreme risk at being kidnapped and/or sold into human trafficking. 

God has also changed my heart to have a deeper compassion and love for others. I have felt God tug at my heartstrings for those hurting in poverty and at the same time rejoicing for those that have joy in all circumstances. God has taught me to be present, empathize and share in the emotions of those I've been around. There are still moments where I fall short, but being on this trip has allowed God to mold my heart. He has enabled me to love people regardless of their story, solely because they're God's children.

Throughout this journey I have learned to pray in a new and different way. I have prayed for those in poverty to seek the kingdom of God and to find hope in Him alone. I have even learned to pray for those who are trafficking and buying Cambodian girls. Praying those prayers is one of the hardest things I have done, but I am continually giving more grace to those people through God's help.

For the rest of my time here, my desire is to continue to grow in understanding of others and to love them right where they are. I pray that God will to continue to mold my heart to be more like His. I know that He is good and has a plan for all things. I will continue to revel in the freedom of trusting God and relying on His strength.

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