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When Healing Hurts

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Have you ever been in the midst of working on some of your “stuff” when suddenly you think, “Why is getting better so hard?” Well, getting better is hard for so many reasons. It may involve changing your friendship circles, facing a painful past, or various other things that simply aren’t easy. But another factor that makes healing so difficult is that it takes a lot to get to the root.

Early in my career, I learned something about burns and skin wounds that would change my life both personally and professionally. Did you know that the skin needs to heal from the inside out? Me neither! I learned that burn wounds are incredibly painful to heal because our body’s tendency is to quickly grow new skin over the wound, in effort to self-protect. But this actually causes infection underneath. So to truly heal the wound, doctors and nurses have to peel that layer of skin back (ouch) so that the body can heal the right way- from the inside. Sound familiar?

Wow, can I relate to this. So many times I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of an issue I’m facing and then God shows me that no, I’m not there yet, and we have to peel off another layer. It takes a long time. It takes a lot of effort. And it’s sometimes very painful. But I can attest (from learning the hard way!) that avoiding this and allowing that “new layer” to mask the true wound, only ends in more pain and brokenness down the road.

So be encouraged. When it hurts that probably means you’re doing it right! Keep going. Dig deep! And allow God to meet you in your wounded-ness to find true healing.

Need help walking though some hard stuff or finding the root of your pain? We’d love to be part of your journey. Schedule a counseling appointment at www.east91st.org or by calling 317-598-1580.

The Christmas Story & How to Share it.

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Every year I try to make Christmas more meaningful, build our families traditions and promise myself this year I’m going to simply focus on the real reason for the season. Instead, I end up with a gift shopping list that includes everyone from my kids to 3rd cousins once removed. It includes white elephant and as seen on TV gift exchanges where the gifts will end up in a closet never to be seen again. I’m over scheduled running from one event to the next, rushing through greetings and goodbyes.
Have you ever wondered, is this how Jesus would celebrate? Can you imagine Jesus camping out to get the last Hatchimal for a child that has a play room full of toys? Or picture him rushing out the door of one party to get to the next? 
This year I have been challenged with that thought. I imagine Jesus would celebrate by giving generously, and not so his children have everything they've asked from Santa. I think Jesus would take the time to be true with the people around him not checking his watch to jet off to the next thing. How different would my Christmas look if it looked a little more like Jesus’? 
What if this year I bought less stuff and spent more time with the people I love? What if I gave generously to people and met real needs? What if this year was about quality, not quantity? 
What if sharing the story of Christmas wasn’t told through a play or a book, but it was told by the way we live out our lives this season? 
I was in India this past October and was able to visit the home of Gandhi. One of his quotes was hung above his bed; “My life is my message.” What if this Christmas instead of getting swept away in the whirlwind of busy schedules, traffic jams, and spending we paused we let the Christmas story be told through our actions. Open the door for others to know Jesus because they see his peace and generosity in your life. Tell God’s amazing love story by celebrating Christmas this year the way Jesus would.