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Blog Spotlight: Men's Community

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This week I had the opportunity to sit down with a Skye Ho to discuss his experience in Men's Ministry.

  1. What part of Men’s Community are you involved in?

There are many different aspects of Men's Community at E91, but I am only involved in the King's Men program.

  1. When did you begin attending Men’s Community?

I started two years ago when Ned invited me to one of his groups

  1. What have been some of your most impactful stories from Men’s Community?

My first King's Men group changed me in a dramatic way. I realized the beauty of investing in Christian authors and influences as well as the power of being in community with other men. I’ve been in men’s groups in the past, but the opportunity at E91 to discuss deep spiritual issues had a dramatic impact on my perspective. Also, the things I learned in King's Men changed who I am. I built character and became more of who I wanted to be.

Since then, I began my own King's Men group and brought seven other random guys together. I saw them care for each other and rely on one another, as well as learn more about Christ individually. This group became the community that meant the most to me – a group of guys that I could share my heart with in a way that I have never done before. I thought I would be ministering to them but ended up finding a safe place for me to grow.

  1. Is there anything you would suggest to others who want to be involved that aren’t yet?

Men's Community is an opportunity to find other guys that are like you. Guys that like sports, that have baggage, guys that want to achieve more than they are today. Everyone who joins's is more related to you than you think

  1. What do you enjoy most about being involved in Men’s Community?

I enjoy seeing other men be the men they want to be. So many men are held back because they’re afraid to grow or don’t want to put the effort in. They need to be given the opportunity to break out of complacency – and most will.

  1. Any other thoughts you want to share?

It doesn't matter how mature you are in your faith, everyone needs community. I encourage men that want to get out of complacency to join Men's Community. When we start moving in action, we understand that we can find others that struggle and we can support each other.

Also, want to say that the Great Banquet has had an enormous impact on my life and spiritual walk. I don’t think that’s explicitly part of Men's Community, but it’s sponsored by E91 and it’s a lot of the reason I go to this church.

If you want to learn more about Men's Community and events that are coming up, click here!

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4 Brilliant Ways to Kick-off Summer

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It’s almost summertime! Kids are on the last leg of school, college students are heading to summer time jobs, and the weather is becoming consistently nice outside! We all want to maximize these summer months to their fullest potential, but sometimes we don’t know how to get started. Here are some great suggestions for you to get out with your family and friends to kick-off your summer.

  1. Drive-in Movies

Do you ever have a desire for a blast to the past? Going to the drive-in theater is a great way to do so. Summer is a great time to grab some friends or your family and enjoy a movie in the car! It’s a great time to share with others and relatively affordable.

  1. Make homemade ice cream

Food in the summer always seems to be a little bit better than any other time of the year. Sometimes you have to shake up your menu and try something new. If you’re looking to get creative, make your own ice cream. Click here for a quick, easy and refreshing recipe you can use to impress your friends and family.

  1. Go to a park

Being outdoors is always a great option to enjoy some down time and get out in nature. Park’s are a great option to do a ton of activities like putting up a hammock, going to a leisure stroll, playing Frisbee or having a family picnic. If you’re looking for great places to go, just head over next door to Sahm Park for a lot of fun.

  1. Attend a concert

Thankfully, Indianapolis is always a hot spot for a lot of concerts in the summer! With popular spots like White River State Park and Klipsch Music Center, you can enjoy your concert outside. With a lot of artists rolling into town, be on the lookout for music you enjoy.

Hopefully these suggestions get your summer started the right way! If you want to enjoy great event's at E91, head over to www.east91st.org/resources/events to find out more!

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