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Shaking off the Cabin Fever

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Spring provides such a great opportunity to finally get outdoors and have some fun. I try to make a bucket list for myself during the spring season to make sure I enjoy the season to it’s fullest. These activities are on my list as well as suggestions for you to try! 

  1. Read a good book

First off, I am a bookworm and I love sticking my nose in a good book. Springtime is perfect for reading because if you want to be outside and relaxing on a warm spring day, just snag a book and enjoy. On the flip side, if the weather is not as pleasant, it provides a cozy indoor activity to pass the time

  1. Go on a hike 

I love the outdoors. Especially in the spring! Having fresh air in the lungs and seeing color back on the trees is very refreshing. From Eagle Creek Park to Hoosier National Forest, if you’re willing to travel a bit to enjoy the outdoors, then hiking at these places is a must!

  1. Find local fun!

Once good weather starts showing up more consistently, a lot of great events start popping up around the Indy area. My favorite is going for a walk around the Canal. From fun music to eating outside in the evening, there's a lot to explore. There are also bikes to rent as well as boats to navigate through the canal. They add a fun spin with friends and family.

Let me know your spring bucket list! Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for even more blogs this Easter season to help you have the best Easter yet.

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Leaving the Domino Effect to God

What you decide today will impact what you face tomorrow. That sounds rather obvious, but sometimes we get so caught up in the moment, we fail to consider future outcomes from present actions.

When I accepted the call to serve as the Senior Pastor of East 91st Street Christian Church, I knew that every decision from that point forward would have repercussions—positively or negatively. Thus, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide every decision in unity with other leaders.

As much as I prayed for wisdom, not all decisions had a positive outcome. I quickly learned the truth of what Mark Batterson wrote: “Every decision we make has a domino effect way beyond our ability to predict or control” (Chase the Lion, 157).

And so it is for all of us. What we decide to do, or not do, has a domino effect way beyond what we can control. Do you want to raise your children to love the Lord and follow in His ways? Then make daily decisions to model and guide them, knowing that as hard as you pray and as godly as you live, the domino effect is in the hands of God . . . and not you.

Do you want to reach the end of your life with fulfillment and peace, trusting that you did your best for God’s glory? Then win the battles today, which lead to greater strength for tomorrow, and place the domino effect in the hands of the Lord.

You can’t control the outcomes, only the decisions. Every day should be spent thinking about how your decisions will impact future generations. Don’t only desire to leave an inheritance; seek to leave a legacy you pour into those coming behind you. Batterson put it this way: “Legacy isn’t measured by what you accomplish in your life span. Legacy is measured by the lives that are affected by your life long after you are gone” (160).

Success is not accumulation but succession. Who is succeeding you? Who are you pouring into? Who are you influencing? Your decisions may not impact the lives of millions, but they might influence one person who impacts the lives of others who impact the lives of millions.

Don’t worry about the domino effect that is beyond your ability to predict or control. Seek after the One who controls the dominoes, and be obedient in daily decisions that impact those who come after you.

Some of my decisions over the past five years have led to positive outcomes; others have led to negative ones. I can’t control the outcomes, but I can control the decisions I make from day to day. I’ll leave the domino effect to God. Maybe you should, too.

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail” (Proverbs 19:21).

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